What is Carbon60 Plus?
Carbon60 Plus is a combination of Carbon60 and organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) that has been manufactured using a proprietary licensed process allowing a higher percentage of C60 to be bound to the organic cold-pressed EVOO. It can create a synergistic anti-inflammatory effect throughout mammalian bodies and negate damage at a cellular level.
How does Carbon60 Plus work?
It contains the strongest antioxidant currently known (270 times stronger than vitamin C) and enhances cell function by negating oxidative stressors (free radicals).
Is there scientific evidence?
Yes. Please follow the links in our research section to get a peek at some of the most exciting and interesting research we’ve seen to date. We update it frequently as more research is coming to light every day.
Is there a toxic limit to the dosage?
Carbon60 Plus has been clinically tested in dogs at 16 times the recommended dose and no toxicity was observed.
How do I administer the product?
Carbon60 Plus is taken orally.
How do I store Carbon60 Plus?
Store it in a cool dark space. It should not be refrigerated.
Can I keep Carbon60 Plus on my kitchen counter?
No, the bottle should be stored away from light. We recommend a closet, cabinet or pantry.
At what temperature should I store Carbon60 Plus?
65-78 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal range.
What is the shelf life of Carbon60 Plus?
It is viable for a two-year period.