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The effectiveness and consistency of Carbon60PLUS is based on the quality of its two ingredients. After numerous months of testing we found that all cold press extra virgin olive oils are not the same. We have been able to define the necessary levels of various properties of the oil to make the bonding of Carbon60 and olive oil stronger and more effective. The result is the most dense and potent Carbon60 product on the market today. Manufactured in the USA, we adhere to the strictest quality control standards that assure the purity of Carbon60PLUS.

The combination of the proper olive oils and the purity of the Carbon60 at a 99.9%, allow us to benefit from our license of LivePet, LLC’s proprietary process. The result is an increase in the level of the active ingredient in Carbon60PLUS, compared to our competition, by at least 25%.  The amount of Carbon60 in our product is at least 1.0 mg /ml.