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Who is C360 Health?

Five years ago, we started this venture with the goal of ameliorating the pain and suffering created by chronic inflammation. We created a proprietary process that binds super anti-oxidant carbon60 with carefully selected cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil. Our unique formula combines this powerful lipofullerene with potent, effective natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, creating our first approved patent (9,308,243 B2). Building on the success of our first supplement, we expanded our product line to bring effective all-natural lipofullerene based health solutions  to humans and pets. Through clinical and anecdotal testing, we have documented significant reduction of inflammation and pain with no known negative side effects.

Dan Bensimon


User Testimonials

What sets Livepet products apart from any other C60 products on the market is innovation. They have devoted much in resources, time and talent to bring the best C60 technology to market, with the biggest bang for your buck. I have personally recommended their products to over 15 people, all with their own personal success stories. My 16 year old cat Sushi is now chasing our 3 year old cat Scamp around the house. My fathers arthritic pinky finger can now form a full G chord on the guitar for the first time in years. My mom is getting better sleep now that her hip doesn’t bug her as much in bed at night. And slowly but surely the bald spot on the crown of my head is slowly growing in thanks to C360HairGrowth. Sincere thanks to all my friends at Livepet!

Travis Kubowitz

Many years ago, my horse Low-Down had a terrible accident and severed his flexor tendon. After surgery, not without some complications, patience and a lot of love, Low-Down pulled through and we enjoyed many years of ridding together. When he got to be around 16 it was clear that his old injury had resurfaced. Low-Down got by with injections and previcox for some time, but then it stopped working. My son the C60 enthusiast suggested Companion60. Honestly, I was skeptical, as were many at my stable, but what I was doing wasn’t working. To our astonishment, the stuff worked. Further more, I had many lengthy conversations with the staff at Livepet, whom were kind, knowledgeable and seemed to be just as happy as I was to get my horse back on track. My most sincere thanks to all my friends at Livepet!

Toni Marion

Sonoma, CA

I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease after all the cartilage in my feet disappeared.  Ten years ago I had all of the bones in my right foot fused together because of that and the following year all the bones in my left foot were fused together. That brought some major pain and a huge loss in mobility. Not only could I not use my feet like before but my other joints began to suffer from the autoimmune disease and that made mobility even worse. My primary care doctor is sending me to a Rheumatologist for an exact diagnosis but in the meantime and for the last decade or so I’ve taken just about every prescription drug imaginable to help with pain and inflammation in my joints with very little success.

Then about a year and a half ago I started taking Companion60 every day at a friend’s request and within a month I was walking around like I hadn’t in years. I was going up and down stairs with ease and actually doing a little running…from my front door to my car or my car to the entrance to the store. It was only a little running but I hadn’t been able to RUN in YEARS and I was doing it without pain or problem. This was a major thing for me.  Very little pain. No inflammation and increased mobility. This product is pretty amazing!!

Brian Libraman


I am writing to thank you for a great product. In December 2017 my dog, a 12-year-old dachshund Shih Tzu cross became gravely ill and was in an advanced ketonic state. When I brought her to the vet, he advised that it might be best to euthanize her because the chance of her making it through this was not very good. The vet diagnosed diabetes as the underlying cause and I decided not to euthanize her but to take her home and try to save her. The vet gave her insulin and I took her home. Well, I was able to keep her alive through that critical weekend. Having ordered Companion60 the same weekend, it arrived in a few days later and she has been on it ever since. Since that time, I noticed her coat, which was a bit thin had regrown thicker and healthier. Her appetite and energy are excellent, and it is a pleasure to have her healthy again. I believe that the Companion60 was an important part in restoring her health and hopefully will ensure many more years health to come.

Dyna Woodward


Who do our products work for?


We created our patented, tested formula to increase vigor, energy, and stamina while reducing pain.


Designed to revive hair growth by targeting hair follicles and restarting your hair’s growth cycle.


Our patented formula includes powerful anti-aging ingredients to reduce inflammation, increase energy and restore a youthful radiance.

Effects of Chronic Inflammation


is the body’s immune response to protect it from perceived outside threats such as stress, injury, bacteria or viruses. There are two kinds of inflammation:  acute and chronic.

Acute inflammation,

in most cases, is a temporary condition triggered by an injury or infection. It is the body’s healing response to an immediate situation. This is normally a good thing since the body is responding appropriately to the conditions on hand.

Chronic inflammation,

however, is damaging. It is the body’s long-term reaction to perceived threats and foreign bodies. The immune system fails to “turn off” and begins attacking healthy tissue and organs as displayed above on “Effects of Chronic Inflammation”.

Many researchers believe that chronic inflammation is responsible for


or more of the maladies suffered by mammals.

The wear and tear caused by an over-active immune system can result in or contribute to auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. 


are all-natural anti-inflammatory products that have shown through anecdotal testing to reduce inflammation and lessen the of impact of certain auto-immune diseases. (See the testimonials above.)

Our products are based on a patent that was clinically tested specifically for various inflammatory markers in the blood stream called Cytokines. (see patent discussed above.)


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