Carbon60 Plus – the most potent Carbon60 olive oil product on the market today. Using a proprietary process licensed from LivePet, LLC, we are able to increase the level of fullerenes to at least 1.0 mg/ml, roughly a 25% increase over all other C60 EVOOs on the market today.

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Infused in some of the highest quality extra-virgin olive oil in the world.


The effectiveness and consistency of Carbon60 Plus is based on the quality of it’s two ingredients.


Carbon60 Plus has the highest level of the Carbon60 fullerene as the active ingredient on the market, by at least 25%.


Carbon60 is an extremely tiny molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms—hence the name. These carbon atoms are arranged in a hollow, cage-like sphere, very much resembling a soccer ball. It’s also most commonly referred to as C60, but other names for it include fullerene,...

C60 And Gut Health: How Does It Work?

Aside from promoting longevity, C60 is known to be a powerful antioxidant, capable of protecting the body—both external and internal structures—from a considerable amount of oxidative damage. For instance, one such study suggests C60 capable of preventing iron-induced...

The Health Benefits of C60 Olive Oil From First-Hand Reports

How effective is C60 olive oil? We know that it’s being hailed as a longevity supplement, an athletic performance booster, a potential hair growth serum, a topical solution against UV damage, and many, many more. Of course, without solid scientific evidence, none of...

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